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David Makranyi, BCAA
Just wanted to let you know what an incredible job John did getting our Data Centre back up and running on Thursday. Essentially within an hour and half he diagnosed the problem ( fuses) , located them, picked them up, and had the Power back on. It could not have gone better. He also tracked down a 24v DC adapter to charge the capacitors for the cooling system. Gord and John's dedication, knowledge, and sense of urgency in this situation, and all other dealings with BCAA are unmatched."

Gordon Drive Capital Transit Project

Michael Kittmer, Active Transportation Coordinator
“I wanted to extend my thanks to all of the Houle team for your role in the Gordon Dr transit capital project. All sites are powered up and looking great! I greatly appreciate your teams expertise and proactive approach to getting the job done. There are a few sites we’ll build along the corridor going forward as land negotiations wrap up. I’ll be sure to keep you posted when we’re able to initiate projects.”


Water in High Voltage Room
Jean Evans from Richmond, BC
“Last weekend we encountered water in our high voltage room. We phoned your company, and Gord Hansen was sent to troubleshoot. We learned more from him than I thought possible. He organised people from the high voltage company, while we arranged for the de-watering. Today he was here, and with unfailing good temper, sorted out all our problems. Not one word of complaint, he smiled, explained everything to us, and won us as your new client. Our President or Treasurer will be contacting you, but as an owner, I just wanted to express my appreciation. If your whole company is like this, you are the one to use. Again, thank you, and thank you, Gord.”

Flickering Bathroom Lights
Steve Fox from Kamloops, BC
“My name is Steve and I just wanted to thank Houle Electric and more specifically Chuck S. one of their Service Electricians for caring enough about quality work and doing the right thing as opposed to just going by the code. It started like this, Chuck was called to my home to investigate the flickering lights in my master bathroom that only got worse when my wife used one of her hair appliances. Chuck quickly determined that both of my bathrooms and my pantry light along with the wall plugs in those rooms were on one breaker. It also turns out after Chuck ran some tests the hair appliance which was only supposed to be like a 40 watt light bulb was turning on and off and using as much as 10 times the power it was supposed to be. So on his report instead of just making it about an appliance he realized the breaker was running a lot of stuff, so a week later Chuck is back to spit the rooms to 2 breakers. To do this he had to go into my attic and he found that a 2” black plumbing pipe was cut off in my attic with a piece of plastic barely taped on top of it. It sounds lovely but as it turns out not so… the plywood in my roof above the area was all wet and mould was forming on my trusses. He also noted that a hole was cut in the roof for the pipe to be vented that had just been shingled over. To make a long story longer because he cared enough to split the breaker instead of just blaming a blow dryer he found this issue. Thanks Chuck, thanks Houle Electric I will be a customer for life even after my warranty runs out… LOL”


Main Breaker Fix/Exchange
Carole Walker from the Lower Mainland of BC
“I have relied on Houle Electric to solve all of my electrical problems for close to twenty years now. I have always found, the office staff and the electricians to be accommodating, efficient, good problem solvers, prompt, and behaving in a most professional manner. I trust the name and the company and am willing to pay a premium for the trust worthy service.”

PepsiCo Beverages Canada

Mike McDonell from Kamloops
"Mark O'Brien from Houle Electric has to be the best contractor I’ve had work in my facility. His level of professionalism and willingness to assist the customer was outstanding. I know as a manager one usually gets negative comments about their employees but I wanted you to know how well Mark represents your company."

Main Breaker Fix/Exchange

Caitlyn Baker from Vancouver, BC
"Last night, the power in my home went out. At first, I thought it may have just been a fuse that had been blown, but after fiddling with the electrical box, flipping switches on and off, and realizing absolutely everywhere in the house had no power, something else must have been the problem. I called BC Hydro first to see if they could come take a look and find the potential problem. No luck. So, first thing this morning, I called Houle Electric Ltd. and the receptionist told me she could have someone there within the next hour. Just under an hour later, I got a call from the Service Electrician, Ian and he was already outside. I showed him the electrical box and explained the situation. Within minutes, he knew that it was a problem with the main breaker and that it would need to be changed. He quoted me $300 for the job. He left to go pick up a new main breaker switch at Home Depot and within 25 minutes, he was back. He installed the new breaker timely and efficiently. Within minutes, I had power again. He was extremely friendly and educated, gave me his business card at the end explaining if anything else happens to give him a call and he'll come back. The price after tax came to $275 which was a decent price for 2 hours work plus the cost of the new switch. I was very pleased with the professionalism and end result. I will definitely be calling Houle Electric Ltd. again next time I have an electrical issue. Couldn't have asked for better service. Thank you! "

Light Fixtures & Ballast Replacement
Leslie from Kelowna
"24 light fixtures & ballasts were recalled in my condo building due to a fire hazard. I had to take immediate action and find a good licensed electrician on a Friday! Houle Electric was amazing! From the pleasant female receptionist to the two electricians. They came out that day and helped carry away garbage while they worked. All 24 fixtures were removed and new LED ones installed. I have hired past electricians in Kelowna and none of them come close to the level of professionalism, and hard work ethic as Houle Electric. I don't normally write reviews but this receptionist and the electricians well deserve it! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!."

Basement Rewire

Rick Anderson from Victoria
"Houle just rewired our basement, awesome job, good value, on time. Paul and Nick provided great service."

Electrical Fix
Stephen Mokry from Burnaby
"Houle was hired to rectify a 3 way switch which been wired incorrectly. I have used their services for over 5 years for both small and bigger jobs, from rewiring whole circuits to installing light fixtures. Once again Houle provided the same stellar service as before. Antonio was prompt, polite and professional in explaning the work to me. Quality service at a fair price. Thank you"

Additional Receptacle in Basement
Gunnar from Vancouver
"After setting up an appointment the workers showed up exactly on time, were very courteous, arrived with appropriate tools, as well as knowledge and completed the tasks quickly and efficiently. Their prompt, and expert service was very much appreciated."

Panel Replacement
RC in Maple Ridge
"Moved into an older home in Vancouver, but before our insurance company would give us the best coverage we had to address our old knob and tube wiring as well as our older panel. After getting a few quotes, Houle provided us with the best solution in terms of both cost and final aesthetics. Our electrician (Joe Sakic - yes that is his real name) was easy to talk to, professional and made it clear to me what had to be done. He provided me options to make the job done faster and cheaper and was happy to answer all my questions. This job involved relocating the meter to the garage, digging a trench in the backyard and replacing the panel with a properly sized one. Getting the right company for this type of work is very important and although it may have been more expensive than other companies, I have peace of mind that the work was done to code or better and that I don't have to worry about it again."

Electrical Renovations to Condo - Jim the Electrical was great!
Warren from Vancouver
"After getting an initial estimate from one company, I elected to get a second opinion. Jim from Houle was shocked at the estimate I was given and managed to do a great job for 1/3 of the price. I would highly recommend them."

Christmas Day Emergency
Stephen Tuck from Kelowna
"I am writing to tell you about the incredible response I received from your firm when I called at 10:30 pm Christmas Day.

I had tried a number of companies, many advertising "24-hour emergency service" but got voicemails, one company we've been dealing with even said they were closed until the New Year!

Not much help when you have come home from Christmas dinner at some friends and hear arcing coming from your circuit breaker panel.

This has been more than a year-long saga of electricians coming and going to try and figure out why we were losing circuits, lights working then not working, clock radios obviously going out as if the power had failed, and the list could go on. I should have told you that over a year ago our home was hit directly by lightening and all the hi-tech stuff had to be replaced. The wiring was all inspected, but this later recurring problem just seemed insolvable.

To make a long story short, I had never heard the arcing before and obviously was very, very concerned. I made sure my wife didn't know what I was trying to solve until after I knew someone could come out.

I didn't think I had a chance of the proverbial snowball, especially on Christmas Day night.

My call was answered by a lady in P.G. and she patched me through to your man, Mike Evasin, in Peachland. I told him what was happening and he diagnosed it immediately. He said "I can be there in half an hour" I said, incredulously, "Great, we really need someone who knows what's going on to ensure we are safe." That was actually how worried I was.

Mike showed up about 11 pm and took the panels off. Told me the main circuit breakers were arcing and that was why we were getting the effects we were, as the two circuit main breakers were each 120 and alternated. He explained the whole works to me. He didn't have the part in his truck (he looked) but said he could be back first thing Boxing Day (Sunday) the next day!!!

He arrived about 8:30 a.m. and already had the part, having emailed to search it out over night.

By 9 a.m. we were having a coffee as he did his paperwork, everything resolved, much to my utter amazement!!!

As a President and publisher of companies over the years, I know that we usually only get the bats and bricks thrown our way ---- well, I hope this arrives on your first day back, because it is meant to be the biggest bouquet of flowers a customer can send.

Mike was courteous, explained everything to us, and I want to tell you that if he is exemplary of the employees you have, you can sleep soundly at night. Your company, sir, is in very good hands!!! If you ever need a "testimonial" about your 24-hour emergency service, let me know!!!

Most sincerely,
Steven Tuck, B.A., B.B.A., D. Litt.,
President Emeritus,
Okanagan College Foundation "

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